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Thanks so much for your interest in The Ballet Project!

The Ballet Project is a non-profit project of Halo Photography.  The intent of the project is, has, and always will be, to highlight incredible talent in the art of Dance through photography.

For that reason, there are no deposits, no sitting or session fees, no bait-and-switch schemes to hold images hostage until you pay.  In fact, dancers and their families are not even obligated to purchase the edited images beyond the complimentary images I provide.  I don't intend to get rich doing this!

It truly is, for the love of dance, creativity, and art that this project is alive.  But it isn't without expenses.

The Ballet Project is funded in part by my own contributions and by (optional) image sales.

Some expenses include:

   • Permit fees for select locations.

   • Rental fees for select locations.

   • Website fees

As well as photographic equipment purchases and upgrades, software purchases and upgrades, hardware (computer) upgrades, and special project (The Water Shoot and the Chalk Shoot) materials, space/location rentals/fees and prop builds.

A few items I would like to purchase to improve the dancer's experience are: A GoPro or Similar Compact camera for behind the scenes photo snaps, a Mom/Dad Cam to capture the shoot, footage, live streams, and video captures of the dancers. Video editing software to edit the video captured. Lighting modifiers and a portable dance floor for studio shoots and audition photographs in the future.

If you enjoy the images you've seen on The Ballet Project's website or social media outlets, have a love for dance and dance photography, and would like to help foster this project into something bigger and better for future dancers, please consider donating to the project to help me keep this project alive and virtually free to participants.

Your donation will be used to purchase the items I mentioned above, and to help improve the experience for these and more talented dancers in the Twin Cities - and beyond!

Thank you so much for your consideration!

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