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You Wanna Participate?

On this page I've included some links to forms and information regarding your participation with The Ballet Project.  Here you can find links to our social media accounts, the applicant form, required model release, a link to an after-shoot form to identify the clothing that was worn for tagging, and directions for selecting your favorite technically correct photos for edit.

Certainly, if you have any questions at all, visit the FAQ Page, or contact me directly at


To be considered for the project, please fill in these forms in the following order:

1. Applicant Form

This is where you'll give us contact and general information about you and your experience so we can consider you for participation in The Ballet Project.  Don't worry, your information will be kept confidential and private between you and us.  We WILL NOT share your information with anyone outside of our studio staff, and we do not engage in spam tactics via email.

2.After-Shoot Details/Model Release

(After the shoot) This is where you'll let us know your 15 favorite image selections and about the brands of clothing or accessories appearing in the photo.  We'll want to know the Brand names, Where you bought items, and any other tags to help you gain more exposure from the clothing and accessory companies you love! The Model Release is one of the most important forms you'll fill out.  It allows us to post your photos on social media.  Without it, I cannot release the photos we've taken to you OR post them on social media to further the project.  Simply click the link to open the form.  Read and Fill out the appropriate information, Electronically sign the form and hit submit.  Super Easy!

What happens next?

1. We'll be in touch with you regarding any questions we may have and/or will have requests for additional information, or photos showing your awesome technique and contact information for referral; if you're not a professional company dancer.

2. We'll contact your teacher/instructor for a referral (if applicable) and wait for his/her recommendation.

3. If you're accepted as a participant in The Ballet Project, we'll send you a welcome email and start communicating regarding availability, location, clothing to bring and timing to schedule your photo shoot!

4. Lights Camera Action!  Baby you're a star!

I've had my shoot, what happens now?

Photo/Proof Selection

• Over the next few days the photographer will cull the photos that were shot during your photo shoot, and weed out any bad photos.  

• Next, the Proofs will be uploaded into a private, password protected, personal gallery for your review.  There, you will note your complimentary favorites and up to 10 additional images (15 images in total!), paying close attention to technique. The gallery will be locked from downloads or sharing at this time. Please DO NOT SHARE, COPY, SCREENSHOT, or POST the PROOFS.  They are not representative of your best photo or ours!

• Now that you have your favorite images picked for editing, click on the After Shoot Details form and tell us all the deets!

• With the list of edits, we'll begin editing your images. Please note: Client photos (paid photo sessions) will take priority over project photos.  We will provide two versions of each image edited.  1 Watermarked image with The Ballet Project logo(watermark) in the lower right (or where it has the best visibility) and 1 FINAL edit image for purchase, suitable for printing, framing, etc.

• Once the edits are complete, we'll upload your complimentary edited images to your gallery and open the gallery for downloads for one week. This allows you to download the edited images to your device or computer and share or print them independently of your gallery. 

We encourage posting of your images, but if you do, please only post the watermarked photo - keeping the watermark intact and giving image and project credit appropriately. 

After a week, we'll upload the remainder of the images you've selected and change the gallery to a purchase gallery.

I mentioned that you can order/purchase prints of your images from your gallery. I highly recommend that you utilize the professional printing source we've selected for your printed images.  We've selected a highly professional printer located right here in Minnesota called White House Custom Colour. We've compared our images printed at big box stores such as Target and Walmart against the professional print work WHCC does, and the quality is hands-down amazing compared to big box stores.  We value print work, and believe your photos should be shown off, and for that reason we've kept printing prices very low.  You can have your images printed for only a few dollars more than you would at a big box store and have unprecedented, amazing, quality photos suitable for any wall or album. And there are plenty of sizes and finishes available for printing, as well as products like mugs, key chains, phone cases, magnets and large sizes (poster and more). 

Further, your purchases will help us grow The Ballet Project for future dancers!

• Lastly, once you have access, post, share your photos, and tell your friends and family about your experience and photos!


Tagging images shared on social media is super important!  From designers your son or daughter wore during the shoot, to schools or influential people, we want the world to see your photos!

Choreographers, Photographers, Dance Schools, Clothing Designers are following our project.  They are liking and even contacting participants to represent their brands, audition for their schools or reaching out for additional photography opportunities!  Help us get your images out to the world by filling out the After-Session Details form, so we can appropriately tag your photos!

Thank you so much for participating and for sharing your Son or Daughter's talent with the world!

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