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Q: How old do I need to be to participate?

A: Minimum age is 13 years old - Accompanied by a parent, guardian or trusted adult at all times and recommended or referred by a qualified dance instructor. A parent or legal guardian will be required to sign a minor aged modeling release for dancers under the age of 18. 

*A caveat to this minimum:  IF the dancer has a PROVEN record of precision, professionalism, maturity and dance ability - both technically and artistically, AND is RECOMMENDED (or referred) by a accredited, trained and professional ballet instructor/teacher, this requirement may be evaluated for participation on a case by case basis.

Q: I've been in dance since I was 3 years old, but I'm not a "Professional Dancer" or part of a company, do I qualify?

A: We would prefer that you were recommended by your instructor if you are not a professional company/performance dancer.  Your instructor/teacher should be able to determine if your technique is polished enough for sharing with the public.  Photos such as these, once published,  could make or break your dance career.  You'll want to look and perform at your highest level, as various dance companies, performance scouts, and choreographers (not to mention clothing designers and talent scouts) may see your photos!

Q: I'm not a ballerina, can I still participate?

A: Right now the focus of the project is on professional or highly trained ballet dancers.  I'm not opposed to working with lyrical, jazz and contemporary dancers, but what I'm interested in is classical and contemporary ballet dancers.  The key attributes I'm most interested in are flexibility, professionalism, ability, technique, variety and to be physically able to to repeat poses, movements, and/or technique so we can capture multiple examples to achieve the best results.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Basic ballet apparel.  A leotard and appropriate footwear is my preference. 

I would prefer the dancer does not wear tights.  Part of the project is to emphasize the athleticism and the definition of the body as a dancer.  I've found tights mask muscle definition in the legs.  For that reason I prefer no tights. 

A Tutu or dancers skirt is fine for variety in the photos as well, but neither should be expected to be worn throughout the photo shoot. Back to basics.

Other dancer wear such as spandex shorts, sports bras or spandex tops, leggings, unitards, or biketards can be discussed.

Color: Leotard colors should be a variety of bright primary colors (Blue, Red, Green, etc.) as well as pastel colors such as a sky blue, pink, yellow, or white.  Nude is also acceptable depending on the setting or background.  I believe in working with the wardrobe that exists in a dancers closet, and discourage buying something new unless you really want something new and feel you could use it as part of the wardrobe for the project.

•If you have a custom leo, or what I consider a "fashion leo " (cut outs, mesh, lace, prints, intricate straps or details, etc) we welcome unique body wear!  It can certainly help you stand out, and thats the goal right?!

•A formal ballerina kit is not necessary. We would prefer that you do NOT wear the bodice of a ballerina kit. 

We are stripping down the dance to the basics of a highly skilled, honed, dancer; highlighting ability, athleticism, femininity, skill, determination, and excellence in your craft.

Q: How will you use the photos?

A: Photos will be posted on social media outlets and my website to promote my photography in general, and my Dance Photography more specifically. Images for this project will be posted to my our Commercial Facebook Business Pages (Halo Photography), The Ballet Project on Facebook, as well as on our Instagram and web pages @theballetprojectdotcom.

Q: Where will the photos be taken?

A: Primarily in the cities of Minneapolis or Saint Paul.  Public outdoor and indoor Industrial warehouses, abandoned buildings, against tactile and varied textures, in street and urban locations.  You must be comfortable "performing" in public, as in the past people have watched a photo shoot in public locations.

Q: Are you accepting male dancers into the project?

A: Absolutely!  The same qualifications for Ballerinas apply to Ballerino!

Q: Do I have to pay for this?

A: Neither party will be paid currency.  The arrangement in the modeling industry is considered a TFP (Time (or Trade) For Print).  This is a standard term for photographers and models dating back ages.  In today's standards, and in this case particularly, the Model - or Dancer(participant) will receive a minimum of 5 edited, digital images, via a private password protected gallery for download. 

*The dancer will be able to purchase physical prints through the gallery as well.

In addition, the dancer will receive any and all edited images that I use or create for promotional purposes.

Lastly, the dancer will receive a limited print release after all of the edited images are made available through his/her private gallery.  The dancer will be permitted through the release to print the photos, and post watermarked photos on social media outlets.  Participants will receive a watermarked image file for social media, etc.  A non-watermarked image for personal use can be purchased through the gallery. 

The Ballet Project is a Not for Profit project, so we appreciate any galley purchase you make as the proceeds are directed solely to improving the experience through equipment upgrades and software upgrades and purchases as well as any fees associated with locations rented or special project materials.

NOTE: If the image we capture strikes interest by someone wanting to purchase a print, a. I will have a discussion about the potential sale of image(s) with the participant prior to negotiating a sale, and b. any profits made from the sale (if agreed upon by written approval) by both myself and the participant will be divided 50/50.

I don't intend to post images for sale, but if there's interest I believe both parties should be compensated equally.

These are some of the more common questions I've received, but certainly, if you have a question that has not been answered here, please ask.  I'm as transparent as Wonder Woman's plane - ask me anything!

Thank you for your interest!  Now, if you're interested in capturing the beauty, artistry and athleticism of dance, click on the "I wanna Participate" link for a short questionnaire and contact information about you!


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