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This project was started in 2013 with a lovely young dancer named Lexi.  I wanted to try something different from Family Portraiture and gave Dance Photography in urban settings a try.

I had a lot of fun capturing the femininity, beauty, grace, and artistry of her craft against the harsh textures of the local urban landscape.  Her athleticism abound with each leap, each stretch, and each unbelievable pose she produced.

I was amazed as she twisted her body in unreal positions, making sure her toes were pointing correctly, extending her fingers, the poise and posture spot on, and her drive for perfection at her age was absolutely breathtaking and inspiring.  I was hooked.

Oh my! Has it been 4 years already?

The Ballet Project

So, fast forward a few years to today. over 30 dancers photographed in 2017, representing 5 local dance studios, 3 ballet companies and 2 dance wear companies. The Ballet Project is gaining in popularity, followed by SYTYCD past winners, local TV personalities and shows, Choreographers, Photographers, Ballet Companies, Professional Ballerina and Ballerino, current and former, from companies all over the world!

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