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About PanCan Overland

PanCan Overland - Pancreatic Cancer Overland - is my way of exploring, sharing my journeys and adventures while living with pancreatic cancer.

A cancer diagnosis should NOT be a reason to stop living, instead, life becomes more important in creating memories, spending precious time you have with family, friends, living life, engaging in new and exciting experiences, bucket listing, in spite of the diagnosis whenever possible.

"Adventure Through Adversity" I love the outdoors. I love adventuring and exploring remote places with my Jeep. My family and I enjoy camping in our home state of Minnesota, exploring state parks - here and in other states and simply enjoying the outdoors. I refuse to let cancer stop me from doing what I love, with those I love until I am absolutely, completely, physically unable to do so.

I'm not waiting to die, rather I'm taking life into my own hands and LIVING it.

In doing so, I hope to encourage others with cancer (of any kind) who share a passion for the outdoors and adventure to continue to seek out adventure, explore and get out in spite of your circumstances.

In addition, I hope to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer. The 5th deadliest form of cancer that is among the least funded cancer research for the last 30 years. The survival rate for people diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer living beyond 5 years is roughly 5-7%.  That statistic has improved slightly in the last 30 years, but funding has remained virtually the same, with research efforts in prevention and curing this particular form of cancer suffering as a result of lack of funding. 

40 thousand cases of Pancreatic Cancer were diagnosed in 2017. Of the 40 thousand, about 35 thousand died from Pancreatic Cancer within 5 years. Why? Because there is very little known about warning signs until it's too late.  Often a diagnosis is triggered by the failure of other organs as this silent cancer attacks the various organs in the body. Stage 4 diagnosis isn't uncommon, and by then treating the disease is next to impossible.  For those diagnosed at a stage 4 pancreatic cancer, mortality is determined in weeks not months or years.

As I travel to new and exciting destinations, creating memories, meeting new people with shared interests and passion for adventure, I intend to share my story and in doing so, I hope to help raise Pancreatic Cancer awareness, Help raise funding for research, and help encourage others to get out and LIVE regardless of their cancer diagnosis.

You can follow along my journey via Instagram, YouTube and Facebook too, and if you wish to join the fight against Pancreatic Cancer, you can donate via the donation links in the menu to a few organizations leading the battle against Pancreatic Cancer.

This effort is funded 100% via personal funding.  If you wish to help me with my journey of exploration and adventure, as well as promoting awareness and funding, sponsorships of specific trips, equipment and other material support are welcome.

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