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  • We’ve been on an adventure!

    Thank you to the Jack and Jill foundation for helping us forget about cancer for a bit and concentrate on the miles of smiles and memories we’ve made on this trip!

    With sponsors, @marriotthotels, @visittampabay and @universalstudios, among others, we had an amazing time visiting Tampa, the Tampa Bay Aquarium, Universal Studios, and had excellent dinner reservations at some very tasty restaurants!

    We had a blast!
    Thank you John, Samantha, Carlito for this awesome opportunity!

  • Did you figure it out?!

    Why, Jurassic Park of course!

    Having a blast at #universalstudiosorlando ! Yep, commissioned this awesome ride for the day! Gotta tell ya, I have a new appreciation for those that are actually CONFINED or REQUIRE a #mobilityvehicle to get around. People are SO rude to people on one of these. Have some compassion - Please!

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!

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Please Note:PanCan Overland is not affiliated with at this time. Any similarities in content, media, or message are purely coincidental. PanCan Overland DOES however support in its message and direction in helping raise awareness and funding for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

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