Elements of Dance About - Halo Photography

Elements of Dance is a Photography Project by Halo Photography, combining dance with natural elements such as Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

With Dance being the basis of the project, multiple genre or discipline of dance will be highlighted in this project to achieve the connection of the elements. 

For instance, Air: Pole artists, Aerialists, Dancers in Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, and Ballet will all be highlighted to capture the element of air in dance.

The project is just getting started, so there are plenty of opportunities to participate now and into the future.  I don't have a projected end date for collaborations set at this time.  Like many things in life, I may know when I've completed the project when I feel it.

If you're interested in knowing a little more about the Project, please visit my FAQ page from the menu, or contact me directly at Bryan@halodigitalphotography.com

Thanks so much for your interest!

Bryan Monahan

Owner/Photographer of Halo Photography

Creator of The Ballet Project and Elements of Dance

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