About Bryan Lee Fotographie - Halo Photography

Who is Bryan Lee Fotographie?

Bryan Lee Fotographie was born of a passion for art.

Owner and photographer, Bryan Monahan:

"Halo Photography came out of a desire to create beautiful images of friends and family and blossomed into a business out of the love of art.

I've always had a pen, pencil, piece of charcoal, paintbrush or some other artistic medium in my hands since I was very young.

In high school, as one of my electives I chose Photography.  It seemed to culminate all of the things I loved about art.  Emotion, Expression, Documenting a scene or subject, and became a hobby.

Later, I bought a camera and began this journey of capturing everything interesting to me. I began capturing landscapes, then people, then sports on film first and digital captures later.

It wasn't until 2012, after some nudging by friends and family, I decided to make a business of my art.  I launched Halo Photography, LLC, in 2012 and registered Bryan Lee Fotographie in 2015 to separate my commercial endeavors from my family photography"

Our goal above all, is to provide professional photography to everyone at an affordable price.  We believe everyone deserves to have beautiful photos and we try hard to provide a price point most everyone can afford."

Thank you for your interest in Bryan Lee Fotographie! We hope you enjoy our photography, and we look forward to working with you to create lasting memories of your most precious events.

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