About Erotique by BHP - Halo Photography

We're going back to basics...

A single light, a beautiful woman or a handsome man, and a whole lot of sensuality.

Erotiqué by Broken Halo Photography is a little edgier than our Intimate photography. Its for the client who is very comfortable with their body and in tune with their sexuality.

We aim to entice the viewer with hints of passion, sexuality, sensuality and eroticism - just enough to titillate the senses and tease your mind into filling the unseen areas with your own imagination.

Your final images will be safe enough to share without giving away all of your little secrets, whether as a portrait hung on your wall, an album or individual printed or digital photos; if you choose, you'll be able to show off that body you work so hard to keep and give the lucky recipient a taste of your erotic side.

Let's capture that naughty side. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us to book your Erotiqué session.

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